The medical marijuana industry is expanding, and that means some serious job creation. There is, however, some major competition from individuals who want to get a job at a dispensary. Even with all the success so far, experts still say the industry is poised for more incredible growth.

There might be some serious competition. Nonetheless, it is not difficult to find a job at a dispensary. There are several different roles you can fill, and like any position, you can work your way up the ladder after some time.

So if you are dying to know how to get a job at a dispensary? Read this article for tricks and tips to help you land a job you’ll love.

Dispensary Agent a.k.a. “Budtender”

When you initially start to look up how to get a job at a dispensary, Googling “dispensary jobs near me” is an obvious starting point, but you might not know what exactly which type of dispensary job you’d enjoy best. Instead, you may just have an inclination that this is an environment you think you will thrive in. You may be a resource for the business, but narrowing the job down to your specific skill set is essential.

If you have experience in retail, framing your resume from a customer service and sales perspective is an excellent place to start. They need people not only to retail cannabis but also process transactions. You might also see these jobs called “Dispensary Agents” or “Budtenders.”

You may also choose to work as a dispensary store manager, keeping day to day operations running smoothly. This job is also perfect for someone who has prior sales management experience. These individuals need to be incredibly trustworthy as most cannabis transactions are still done through cash. You might decide to get a dispensary job just to start eyeing all the new “needs” that continue to arise as the industry expands. The cross-section of production and retail is a great opportunity start spotting new opportunities.

Master Grower (or Grower’s Apprentice)

Other jobs in the cannabis industry comprise of working as a master grower. The master cultivator doesn’t work in the dispensary, but works closely with them. This is someone who is responsible for speaking with state inspectors and keeping proper paperwork and records at hand. These are people experienced in growing marijuana. They can make approximately $100,000 a year, so it is a career to aspire to.

Bud Trimmer

You can also work as a bud trimmer, which is one of the lower paid jobs in the industry. Though, you can still command a salary of $10-$12 an hour, which is not bad for an entry-level position in a new industry. As a bud trimmer, you will trim the harvested cannabis plants in order to prepare them for the dispensaries.

While being a bud trimmer is not all that glamorous; it is a fantastic way to start learning the cannabis trade from a practical point of view. You can do this while you learn more about skilled jobs the industry, like a master cultivator or an extraction technician. It’s a door into the industry so you can start to see where your personal skill set applies best.

Working as an Extraction Technician

This specialty job also falls outside the dispensary setting, but is essential to the supply chain that leads to it. Extraction specialists are often extremely educated (many have advanced college degrees) and are connoisseurs when it comes to mining cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis.

Machines exist to do the actual extraction; nonetheless, a machine has the same nuance as an individual. Someone must know how to run these modern machines and know how to fix them when not they are not working correctly. The technician can correspondingly also ensure that those purchasing marijuana are buying correctly what they have asked for which will give them the cannabis extract product they desire.

These skilled workers can command a pretty hefty salary for their services; some are earning up to $150,000 or more a year.

Research Dispensaries

Research several dispensaries and cultivation centers in your area before you start looking for a job in the industry. Learn about which dispensaries are in your area, if they are currently open when they expect to open, and if they have a hiring plan in place. You might even reach out to cannabis industry staffing services.

Some budtenders in addition to cultivators, now have certifications. This is a wonderful way to get your resume noticed!  It is pretty simple; if you have the same experience as someone else, but have taken the initiative to seek out cannabis training, you will undoubtedly be cross-examined first over the other person who does not have any certified cannabis training.

While some programs are providing a wealth of knowledge, make sure you know who created the course, who is teaching the class and how many years’ of experience they have in the cannabis industry.

Empty Resume – Where do I Begin? As stated above, starting as a cashier (budtender) or a bud trimmer could be an excellent way to learn on your feet and help your career advance. One day, you could be earning over $100,000 after learning your skill set. Just start searching: “California Dispensary Jobs,” “Colorado Dispensary Jobs,” “Chicago Dispensary Jobs,” or “Dispensary Jobs Near Me” to get the ball rolling.