There are lot of reasons why someone decides to light up. Regardless of whether it be to watch funny cartoons, vibe out to music, munch on some grub, or even to escape the harsh realities of whatever you are going through… We have all done it, and it’s no secret.

I’m confident that we all have our fair share of dumb stuff we say or do only when we are high. And celebrities are no different! Here are a some celebrities who have openly discussed their stoners life.

Seth Rogen


Uhmm .. DUHH! Obviously, Seth Rogen is on top of our list. This guy’s practically built an empire on his cannabis appreciation from Pineapple Express to ripping the Volcano in This Is the End. Watch him get stoned and play Mario Kart with Zac Efron here.


This cannabis queen famously rolled a blunt on her security guard’s head. From paparazzi shots to formal photographs you can see Ri Ri smokin’ like a boss. She’s not the only woman who’s got a green craving — check out W Magazine’s list of female celebrity pot smokers.


Source: David Wolff – Patrick / Getty

Drake exposed that before auditioning for his role on Degrassi, he was stoned, and for the first time too! He stated that he, “started getting paranoid… I resembled splashing water on my face always. It resembled a Clearasil commercial. It was like ten Clearasil commercials. And also ended up getting the callback and getting the role.” Thankfully he still got the part we got Wheelchair Jimmy!

Snoop Dogg

The D-O-double-G guested on Dr. Dre’s track “Next Episode,” a track immortalized in bar bathroom Sharpie script for all time as some rendition of the song’s closing line, “Hey hey/ Smoke weed every day.” Then a little over a decade later, Snoop reminded us he’s still hip to the herb with “Young, Wild and Free.” In 2012, Snoop told a Redditor via AMA that, on average per week, he smokes “81 blunts a day x 7,” which, sure. He also has his own line of weed, a G-pen and marijuana culture website.

Wiz Khalifa

After his 2011 song album entitled “Rolling Papers,” ,” it ought to be nothing unexpected that Wiz Khalifa likes weed. The rapper told Vice that cannabis/marijuana helps him relax and allows him to think in a more artistic way. Because cannabis/marijuana is extremely important to his creative process, all the time Wiz comes prepared with his own. He told Vice that he keeps seven joints rolled at all times.

The first time Wiz Khalifa ever smoked weed was at his uncle’s birthday. They hot-boxed the bathroom, and Khalifa says that each and every time he blinked, it was like he was blinking a hundred times. I guess that’s not the perfect first experience. But now he is “a cigarillo fiend, smokin’ weed like it’s oxygen.”

The rapper has also taken benefits of the growing business of weed. He has aligned with River Rock Cannabis to create his own strain of cannabis/marijuana.

Miley Cyrus

It’s like she’s trying to kill Hannah Montana by suffocating her in a thick cloud of pot smoke. Infamous for lighting up a joint at live award shows. Cyrus has said“I think marijuana is the perfect gift offered to mankind by mother nature. When first time I smoked a joint with peyote in it, and I saw a wolf howling at the moon.” She’s since toned down her pot use, but we will never forget her Bangerz antics.

Justin Timberlake

Boy bander Justin Timberlake once said that cannabis/marijuana should be legalized. He told fellow star Nelly, that it would cut the crime rate in half.  According to Nelly, we have been known to party a lot together, and we share a love for the green, and also smoking up together as well!